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HARDO Workshop Equipment

HARDO Workshop equipments for shoe makers and Prosthetic/Orthtotic workshops.

Witzel Vacupress Workshop equipment

Please click for full catalog of German quality workshop equipment. 

Lamination Station

Our lamination stations are made to order to fit your requirements. Please contact us for details.

Convection Oven

Thermoplastic Draping Oven for PROSTHETICS

Interior Chamber Dimensions: H 750mm x W 610mm x D 510mm External Dimensions: H 920mm x W 965mm x D 670mm

Convection Oven

Thermoplastic Heating Oven for ORTHOTICS

Interior Chamber Dimensions: H 380mm x W1200mm x D 815mm

External Dimensions: H 730mm x W 1490mm x D 975mm

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